Jeremy Howard (Donatello) on new Ninja Turtles design

“I remember, after the first trailer had just dropped , the FX guys at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) were so glum at some of the online reaction to the Turtle faces. People don’t realise the time and energy that go into how a film looks or how a character is animated. These guys at ILM are bigger Turtle fans than most people will ever be, and they’ve tried more versions of the final look than anyone will ever know… They’ve tried the big noses and they don’t work, they just look ridiculous when they try and talk- it looks like a cartoon! It worked in 1990, but it just doesn’t today, not when it’s got to look real. And it’s funny how the public reaction to the Turtles’ new appearance mirrors exactly what the characters deal with in the film. They’re mutants who aren’t accepted by the world for how they look- you really have to love the irony!”

Direct Link: http://youtu.be/15gd2y3ftxg

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tmnt fans who’re just spreading hate on the new look of the guys but say they are true fans…SUCK A BIG DICK, and think about what you’ve been hating about

I loved playing this
it wasn’t too long but it was fun
hurray for companions! ^_^

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How serious would you say things are between you and Maryanne?


"Hmm…well..When I fall I seem to fall pretty hard. We really enjoy each others company. It’s not often, especially as a mutant turtle, you can find someone you really just get along with in every way like we do. Mostly though, Mary gets a part of me that no one else really does, except maybe April and that is the part that is actually kind of deep. It’s usually me noticing things about other people, but she reverses that and notices me, which means a lot. Almost as much as having someone to play pranks with! But honestly it is getting pretty serious isn’t it Mary? Oh, she’s right here with me btw. There not a lot we can hide from each other and we don’t try to because we’re honestly that good of friends before anything. But I’d do anything for Mary, including being with her for the rest of my life if she’d let me."

"Huh? Oh, uhm, yeah I… I guess things are fairly serious. I mean… if they weren’t, I wouldn’t necessarily be looking for an actual place to call home. So there’s that. Plus it’s somewhat difficult to only take a small portion of Mikey into your life. It’s more or less and all or nothing type of deal, one of which I’m more than glad to take."


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"Spyro, I was wondering if you...WHOA!" Maryanne immediately turned her head to the side and averted her gaze.... sort of. She'd never seen him this bare before, so she did sneak a few peeks. For informative purposes of course. Her cheeks flushed with a slight tint of colour as she waved her hands in front of her, trying to show that waltzing in unannounced like this hadn't been her intention. "Sorry! Sorry!" she murmured. "I didn't think you were changing, or else I wouldn't have just..uh..."


Mary!" Spyro jumped and grabbed his clothes. "No - get out, GET OUT!

At the sound of surprise and slight urgency in his voice, she wasted no time and turned before quickly making an exit. “Oh my god… sorry!” she apologized again, and rushed out of the room. That had been almost equally embarrassing for the both of them, that was for sure, but it certainly wasn’t a mistake she was going to make a second time.

Her cheeks still burning, she practically fled down the hall, having decided that whatever she’d wanted to ask him could most certainly wait. Either until her embarrassment died down, or a month had passed. Whichever came first.

Child Mary meme



-  “You’re silly!” she laughed before opening them again, blinking at the size difference when he pressed his hand to hers, and just stared in complete awe. His hand was GINORMOUS! How he even managed to play video games was beyond her! “Holy shmoley! Your hand is HUUUUUGE!”she exclaimed, before his fingers wrapped around her dwarven in comparison hand, and she skipped next to him as he began to move.

"I dunno if I kin do better, but I’m preeeeeety good." she grinned as she hopped along. "I am kinda hungry. Could we have snacks before we play, maybe? Please?"

"Video games…" he started "have everything to do with training. They sharpen your reflexes. Do you know what those are? It’s what makes you move fast if something is coming at you, or maybe to make quick choices. Things like that. It helps your brain think ahead of the action instead of always just reacting…." 

He chuckled at her obvious surprise at their hands, not sure what was going through her head but he could tell she was thinking through everything very carefully. So even this young she was a thinker, analyzing everything around her. He wasn’t really surprised that she admitted to being good at video games either, and he believed her.

"But yes I do the other kind of training to. I can show you if you want. I bet you’d make a very good kunoichi. Do you know what that is? And…before I forget to answer, because I forget things ALLLL the time, of course I have snacks. I’m like the snack king. I probably should be called the Snack Defender or something, I have so many awesome snacks. What kind of stuff do you like? I hope it’s not just super healthy stuff because I have that but one of my brothers always seems to take it first."

"Re-flex-es?" she murmured as her gaze fell to the ground in thought as they trudged forward. Her free hand and arm swayed full of pep at her side with every step, as she tried desperately to keep up to his pace, but her short legs could only do so much. At his explanation, her brow creased slightly while she remained silent, and worked on understanding what he was saying. "Oh! I get it! So it’s kinda like helping your speed?" Little Mary finally looked up, and once again shone him her childlike grin. "You must be super fast then since you’re so much older than me, and probably had LOADS of extra time playing games!"

There he went again, saying another new word she hadn’t heard before. “Ku-no-itchy? Whatsa ku-no-itchy?” she asked, grin once again gone and her expression replaced with curious wonder. She hadn’t met him more than five minutes now and she was already learning some interesting stuff! This was sure to be fun! She loved learning new things!

She giggled once anew at the silly nickname he gave himself, and started to think and hope that he surely lived up to such a self proclaimed title. What kind of snack would he have? Hopefully real delicious onces! Healthy snacks though? Upon hearing the words, she made a grimace and stuck out her tongue in disgust. “Bleh! Nuh uh! Healthy stuffs is what I feed the rats mommy and daddy sometimes bring home for special projects. They like cauliflower an’ lettuce an’ stuff, but I don’t. Those things are yucky! Red an’ yellow peppers are yummy, but I don’t like veggies so much.” At his question however, she took a moment to think, and unconsciously slowed her pace down a bit while her mind worked elsewhere. “OH!” she almost yelled and hopped a bit with excitement, having found an answer that made her hope he might have the snacks she had on her mind. “I really really reeeeaaaaaallllyyy like bananas and fruit roll ups! And yogurt! Black cherry and peach are my faveys!!!”

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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES - Official TV Spot #14 (2014) [HD]



TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES - Official International TV Spot #5 (2014) …

Anyone else notice that Raph had burst out from the side of the news van though!



send me a ‘dibs’ if you are ridiculously attached to me as an rp partner and get jelly when someone who has the same muse as u rp/talk/breathes in the same room with me

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