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// I can’t express how happy I am right now. After four days of not being able to figure out why my tablet was no longer being registered by my laptop, dozens of reboots and uninstalls and settings changes, reading countless forums on similar issues with usb devices getting the same error message, do you know what the issue was?

// the god damned cord at the tablet’s connecting area is shoddy. The. CORD. After all the time lost trying to fix an issue I was certain was software, it was just the fucking cord.   Whatever though… I’m happy I can finally continue the turtle tots I started about a week ago. 

Onward to replies!





MIkey moments like these are even better when you realize that the belching sounds were made by Leo’s VA

[[omg Are you serious??]]

[[ hehe, not so honorable now eh Leo? xD ]]





MIkey moments like these are even better when you realize that the belching sounds were made by Leo’s VA

[[omg Are you serious??]]

[[ hehe, not so honorable now eh Leo? xD ]]

How He Would Sleep With You.


Leo: Leo likes his space as he sleeps but he enjoys the company of his partner as well. He would sleep on his shell at first, holding his partner at his side as they sleep. He would have his arm wrapped around their waist, holding them securely against him. However, he would most likely turn on his side during the night due to his restless sleeps. Yet, he would manage to keep their hands intertwined, refusing to let go of his partner. 

Raph: Despite that tough boy exterior, Raph is a cuddlier. At first, he would have his back turned to his partner, acting as if he doesn’t want them there. Then, in the middle of the night, he would wrap his arm around their waist and press them against his plastron. Obviously spooning his partner. He would place his face into the joint of where their shoulder meets their neck, and he would inhale their scent. If his partner tried to get out of his iron grip, he would mumble to himself in his sleep and pull them closer to him.  Beware the drooling and snoring.

Donnie: Donnie would make sure everything was perfect for his partner before bed. For example, he would fluff their pillow and make sure they were warm in their blankets. At first he would keep his distance, not wanting to come on too strong and scare them away. Usually, in the middle of the night, Donnie will lay on his side and run a finger down his partner’s face. Then, he would cuddle next to them, placing his head onto their shoulder blade with his arm wrapped around their stomach. He would be like a big, warm blanket as he is wrapped around his partner. 

Mikey: After playing a prank on his partner before bed, he would keep to himself and hug all the blankets. In fact, Mikey would be moving throughout the night and end up in weird sleeping positions. However, he always finds himself back to his partner but every night is a different sleeping position. Sometimes he will sleep with his head on their stomach, pull them close to him, sleep on their legs, or be halfway on top of them. Each night holds a new sleeping adventure. 

// *sighs sadly* so yesterday I’ve been feeling particularly bleh-ish and down, and it’s certainly not helping that all of a sudden my laptop isn’t recognizing my tablet so I can’t draw on there. Did a bit of research and think it might be an issue with updates needing to be installed since last night while I was livestreaming the third tmnt movie I did numerous uninstalls and afterwards lost track of how many reboots I did.  

// Getting further and further into the I’m feeling worthless end of the emotions spectrum, so most likely no replies until tomorrow.  Sorry for being useless guys.

Send me a “ø” and I’ll generate a number, your muse will receive one of the following from mine:

  1. A confession.
  2. A lengthy lecture.
  3. My muse for two nights.
  4. A night time cuddle coupon.
  5. A gift.
  6. A strip tease.
  7. A passionate kiss.
  8. A nose kiss.
  9. One day where they can do whatever they want to my muse.
  10. A date.
  11. A romantic night out.
  12. A girl’s/boy’s night out.
  13. My muse has to live out one fantasy for your muse.
  14. A hot make out session.
  15. A drink at the bar.
  16. A dinner made by my muse.
  17. A free trip to a carnival with my muse.

Anonymous ;
its funny how no one wants to ship their muse with mathias cause he's so bland a boring




And I don’t really care. There’s more to RP than just shipping, Anon.

[[ *frowns* I see the idiots anons are back. *huffs*  

First of all anon,….. no. Shipping isn’t the only thing that a character is good for, and if you think that then you should probably just leave and save yourself the embarrassment. Second, there’s no point in forcing a ship because such an act will either get a person a quick one way trip to the unfollow route, or cause bad feelings between muns. And this mun [thelonemutation] is too huge a sweety to ever even consider that.

Thirdly, sometimes ships between characters just don’t work out because the characters themselves just don’t click. In which case, the second rule comes into play again. And last but not least, GTFO. Sometimes the muns behind the characters prefer to have a significant history behind both mun’s characters before any kind of shipping occurs. Not everyone’s character ends up being shipping whores. It doesn’t mean if they don’t ship it right away that they never will, but some things take time.

That is all…. ]]






What others see: “OMGAHHH that’s so cute!” “The cutest thing ever!” “Love has no limits!”

What I see: “Diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, short mortality, sadness and depression that follows for the other still alive.” To love one’s body is to be healthy, not blindly following the fat loving trend.

Oh, Im sorry are you my personal fucking physician? Oh Im sorry, are you telling ME what it means to love MY body? OH Im FUCKING SORRY are you telling me that MY body acceptance journey is a trend?

More then all of the other bullshit health claims I have read, this, this one gets me the worst. For the love of god how DARE you call my self-love a trend. I love that so many kind people have been able to step outside of the typical perception of beauty and love and appreciate these pictures. But every once in a while some asshole like you comes out of the wood work to blow the whistle like “HOLD UP YOU IDIOTS, LET ME TELL YOU WHY THIS ISNT LOVE AND HER SELF LOVE AND LIFE STYLE CHOICES ARE WRONG”  Well Im really glad you have found a way to make yourself feel superior to myself, my partner and all of  the decent fucking people who support our right to live our life the way we fucking want.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I consider myself to be a pretty good person, I will say hello and be kind if you approach me, I do a lot of charity work and I have a reputation for being pretty funny. Im pretty smart, educated and all that. I play music in a band, I like to paint and party and kick it with my friends. 

And I’m fat, but most of the time I don’t realize that.That might sound really confusing, so Let me break it down for you: 

I have always been big, everyone in my family is big. For the most part I was raised to love who I am. I’ve never really had a problem with it, until the world told me my body was wrong. Until people made comments, called me names and alienated me. Until my clothing options, healthcare and job opportunities were compromised. Oh yeah and lets not forget being the poster-girl for laziness/bad hygiene and immoral lack of self-control.  And yeah I skated by on being-class-clown-extreme-always-doing-somthing-crazy-girl in addition to being a fat girl. Shit, I was even Prom Queen(GASP!) But no matter how much *I love myself* I will always have to deal with people (Like you!) Sticking their misguided opinions into my life and ultimately trying to make me dislike myself. As happy as I am with me, strangers will still give me cards with “A GREAT NUTRITIONIST’S” phone number on them. People will still automatically assume I am sad and depressed with myself because MY GOD HOW COULD ANYONE BE HAPPY LOOKING LIKE THAT. My career, my artwork, my talent will always be watered down because its all seen through the fat-filter. My boyfriend will still be questioned relentlessly about his attraction to me. I could go on and on.

It’s so fucking sad that people consider my body size to be immoral or a bad example. People really think this is the worst I could do. Because I think that the real savage behavior is the blind assumptions people make about being fat.

The real immoral action is dehumanizing someone, taking their humanity and dissolving into nothing just by looking at them. 

Final summation: Dont disguise fat-hate/body shaming as “concern for my health”>Don’t confuse skinniness with health>Don’t confuse health with moral superiority. And most importantly, don’t tell me how to live my life. 



But srsly, preach sister. You two are fucking adorable and I kinda of want your bra. 

I… I really wish i looked like you

// I don’t even fucking care if this fits my blog or not… you’re both cute as hell and I second the statement about your bra. Plus this hits too close to home. From a glance, I’m very close to your weight and I appreciate to seeing someone like me not taking such statements made about our weight sitting down. You go girl is not enough at this point… so instead I’ll say “AIM FOR THE BALLS/BOX OF THE HATER!”


Jeremy Howard (Donatello) on new Ninja Turtles design

“I remember, after the first trailer had just dropped , the FX guys at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) were so glum at some of the online reaction to the Turtle faces. People don’t realise the time and energy that go into how a film looks or how a character is animated. These guys at ILM are bigger Turtle fans than most people will ever be, and they’ve tried more versions of the final look than anyone will ever know… They’ve tried the big noses and they don’t work, they just look ridiculous when they try and talk- it looks like a cartoon! It worked in 1990, but it just doesn’t today, not when it’s got to look real. And it’s funny how the public reaction to the Turtles’ new appearance mirrors exactly what the characters deal with in the film. They’re mutants who aren’t accepted by the world for how they look- you really have to love the irony!”

Direct Link:

// YES! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING… except of course that it’s someone who’s a bit more famous saying it…so yep

tmnt fans who’re just spreading hate on the new look of the guys but say they are true fans…SUCK A BIG DICK, and think about what you’ve been hating about

I loved playing this
it wasn’t too long but it was fun
hurray for companions! ^_^

// meep, it’s already 11:30pm and I haven’t even gotten to the two other things I wanted to finish before this night came to an end. *sigh* Well, at least tomorrow is Friday, so I’ll get to the last four remaining replies that are sitting in my drafts after I get home from work. But for now, I’m off to bed. Take care all!

Anonymous ;
How serious would you say things are between you and Maryanne?


"Hmm…well..When I fall I seem to fall pretty hard. We really enjoy each others company. It’s not often, especially as a mutant turtle, you can find someone you really just get along with in every way like we do. Mostly though, Mary gets a part of me that no one else really does, except maybe April and that is the part that is actually kind of deep. It’s usually me noticing things about other people, but she reverses that and notices me, which means a lot. Almost as much as having someone to play pranks with! But honestly it is getting pretty serious isn’t it Mary? Oh, she’s right here with me btw. There not a lot we can hide from each other and we don’t try to because we’re honestly that good of friends before anything. But I’d do anything for Mary, including being with her for the rest of my life if she’d let me."

"Huh? Oh, uhm, yeah I… I guess things are fairly serious. I mean… if they weren’t, I wouldn’t necessarily be looking for an actual place to call home. So there’s that. Plus it’s somewhat difficult to only take a small portion of Mikey into your life. It’s more or less and all or nothing type of deal, one of which I’m more than glad to take."


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it said i had three but i had none D: ]

// I was definitely having issues with sending asks not that long ago yeah

maryanne-hukusha-sha-ninja ;
"Spyro, I was wondering if you...WHOA!" Maryanne immediately turned her head to the side and averted her gaze.... sort of. She'd never seen him this bare before, so she did sneak a few peeks. For informative purposes of course. Her cheeks flushed with a slight tint of colour as she waved her hands in front of her, trying to show that waltzing in unannounced like this hadn't been her intention. "Sorry! Sorry!" she murmured. "I didn't think you were changing, or else I wouldn't have just..uh..."


Mary!" Spyro jumped and grabbed his clothes. "No - get out, GET OUT!

At the sound of surprise and slight urgency in his voice, she wasted no time and turned before quickly making an exit. “Oh my god… sorry!” she apologized again, and rushed out of the room. That had been almost equally embarrassing for the both of them, that was for sure, but it certainly wasn’t a mistake she was going to make a second time.

Her cheeks still burning, she practically fled down the hall, having decided that whatever she’d wanted to ask him could most certainly wait. Either until her embarrassment died down, or a month had passed. Whichever came first.