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// *hugs back* awwww… I lurves you too


You do what you can, honeybun! I’m sorry about what you’ve been going though. Please take good care of yourself, be safe and good luck.

// I’m trying to, but it’s sometimes tough to take care of yourself you know? D: Life can really just suck at times.

// sorry guys that I haven’t been overly active on here lately. Work has been stressful and stuff at home has been even more so. On top of that, I’m currently working on a little side project that’s turning out to be more “bara” in size than I expected it to, so my attention is a bit all over the place. Plus, on top of that, those of you who know I haven’t been talking to my family since the move here in december, I just recently started talking to my mom again thanks to a few words from nexuschampion. So, so far so good. I’ll try to be more active and lively, it’s just a bit hard right now. Again, sorry D:


completely serious comics

You’ve no idea how much this made me laugh just now. We actually had a discussion last week, me and my buddy at work with one of our regular awesome customers, what would be acceptable as payment. Somehow juggling your coffee ( because imagine juggling three coffees out of the store… that’d be hard as shit ) and nachos made the list. Today, since this week is pride week where I am, we joked about how Skittles would be acceptable. 




Hey remember that one time I didn’t give a fuck what assholes thought and I decided to wear whatever the fuck I want because I’m pretty damn cute? Cuz I sure do.

Jesus christ your cute

You’re stunning!

… this has nothing to do with my blog, I just wanted to say that you’re an incredibly attractive gal and I think you look exquisite and hella sexy in those shorts.


Hey guys I got an idea. Reblog this if you want the deleted scenes from the movie. And if this gets enough notes then I can try to send it to the writers.

I’m not doing this for followers or whatever I’m doing this so that the writers can know that we REALLY want ALL of the deleted scenes. I won’t guarantee if this will work but I’ll give it a shot!

Because I have this gut feeling that the writers won’t even consider giving us the scenes, so this is a just in case move!

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April’s like “Told you.”

And Raph’s all “You see that? That’s mine. Fuckin’ watchin’ you yah freakin nerd man. Hmpf yeah that’s what I thought. Yoga my ass…”


April’s like “Told you.”

And Raph’s all “You see that? That’s mine. Fuckin’ watchin’ you yah freakin nerd man. Hmpf yeah that’s what I thought. Yoga my ass…”

Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
Frank Ocean
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Frank Ocean - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)



what is this noise. no way could this actually have been a lady gaga song at one point. omg. dying. 



Birds of a feather flock together… || closed rp with ninjutsumistress

An unusual chill swept up and along her back from underneath her cloak. The night had been quiet. Too quiet for her tastes. Maryanne shifted around in her seated position, atop one of the stone gargoyles that decorated the higher part of the building. Dangling one leg across the beast’s side, as the other was held fast against her chest as she stooped forward a bit, and gazed at the world that moved below. So oblivious to the black clad figure above them. Just as well. That’s how she liked it. Being invisible simply made things easier. No questions, no screams. It was just… peaceful in a weird way.

A brief flicker of light reflected upon her face as she took another puff from her cigarette, before a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. It was barely there, and in an instant it was gone. Flicking the remaining part of the smoke away, and bringing her dangling leg up so that now she was now in a partial crouched position, her eyes scanned the area where she’d most certainly seen something.

And waited.

After a moment, she narrowed her eyes slightly and frowned. Debating if perhaps her restless mind had imagined the movement in hopes to give her something to do, before suddenly there was movement again and a barely distinguishable figure to go with it. Someone was being awfully mysterious and sticking to the shadows, and in her line of work, that hardly ever meant for good reasons.

She was quick to her feet, and with a great push, she leaped down to the building below and gave silent chase. It wasn’t long that she’d caught up to the unknown shadow, but decided to remain in the shadows and watch for a moment. Whatever they were trying to do, she wanted to be sure it was nefarious before attacking and putting an end to it.

// unfortunately it’s real late for me and I still work tomorrow, so I should head off to bed. Take care all!




// wait…so it was or…? *reads tags* ah… *offers you chocolate and chips* I’m sorry to hear that. Friends should be kind and for the most part, understanding, but I get how them mistreating you can suck the muse away. Don’t worry, I’m still willing to continue our thread. ^_^

Anonymous ;
I'm having a craptastic night so instead of being angry I want to turn these negative feelings into positive ones! I lovvveeee RPing with you! I know I haven't been on much(that gives me away but oh well) but I still think about Rping with you even when my muse is being a prick. *Hugs*

// Well this was a wonderful surprise, though I am sad to hear you are having a craptastic night. :(  [ I can honestly think of maybe two or three people who might have sent this in all honesty, so I don’t think that really gives you away ;) Though the list generally leans towards one person more than the rest. ] 

It really does mean a lot to me though to hear you love rp’ing with me. I sorta really needed to hear that tonight, since I was silently wondering if there was much point on having this blog up anymore. I’d give you hugs back nonnie, but I don’t know which of my most wonderful partners that you are. D:  *grabby hands*